(MAM 9月7日 15:00)学术报告会 Anodic Plasma Electrolytic Saturation

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报告题目:Anodic Plasma Electrolytic Saturation

报告人:      Prof. Pavel Belkin

Department of general and theoretical physics

Kostroma State UniversityRussia

时间: 201897日(周五)下午300



Pavel Belkin is a professor at department of general and theoretical physics in Kostroma State University in Russia. He got his BSc at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1969, and his MSc at Tula State Polytechnic Institute in 1993 and his PhD at Institute of Material Science Problem of Academy of Science of Ukraine in 1997, respectively. He worked as leading researcher in Institute of Applied Physics of Academy of Science of Moldavia until 1991. Then he joined Kostroma State University as head of department of physics, professor of department of general and theoretical physics. He has published over 300 papers, patents and reports, including the 133 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 14 patents. His present research interests are of Plasma electrolytic modification of metals, anodic heating, diffusion saturation, heat exchange, emission of electrolyte ions, film boiling, especially about anodic plasma electrolytic saturation. In addition, he is a president of the 5th International Conference of Electrochemical and Plasma Electrolytic Modification of Metal Surfaces in 2016.

邀请人:夏原 研究员(镀层工艺力学与摩擦学课题组